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Portable Toilet

A.E.S. can supply units for nurseries, farms, construction sites, developments and all type of events.


Roof Portable Toilet (Hook Units)

Hook Portable units are used by roofers and hi-rise workers for the top floors of construction sites and are hoisted by a crane.


High - Rise Units

These units are exclusively designed for high rise construction projects. The units easily fit inside construction elevators which can be used on multiple floors.

Event & Handicapped Units

A.E.S. also handles events of all sizes with our EVENT UNITS and HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE UNITS which are  ADA compliant featuring ground level entry, eliminating the need for a ramp. These units also offer circle space of 60 in. for a wheelchair user to turn and transfer to the seat deck with ease.

300 Gallon Holding Tank

A.E.S. will provide a 1 time  per week service for trailers that will have less than 3 people using the facility.

A.E.S. recommends2 times a week service for customers with 4 or more people using the facilities and 2 holdings tanks if more than 9 people will be using the facility for a total combined capacity of 600 gallons.


We provide specially designed holding tanks that will easily slide underneath a construction of sales trailer.
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